Visumregler/Information regarding Visa

For the application for a national visa for Germany or a letter of guarantee you will need an appointment at the German Embassy in Copenhagen. Please read carefully all relevant information regarding your request before booking an appointment.

EU nationals do not require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. However they must at all times during their stay in Germany be able to identify themselves with a valid passport. Please note that ID-cards issued by banks, the post or other Danish institutions as well as Danish driving licenses are not valid for entry to Germany.

Third-country nationals with a national residence permit issued by a Schengen country may, for the duration of its validity, travel for up to 90 days per 180-day period to any other Schengen country. This also applies to holders of a national visa (category “D” visa) issued by a Schengen country.

For stays exceeding three months that lead to an employment or a working stay all foreigners require for a visa. Exempted herefrom are citizens of an EU-country, citizens of EEA-States as well as citizens of Switzerland.

For all other purposes for entering Germany (e.g. family reunion, employment, studies etc.) you have to apply for a visa in advance at the German Embassy in Copenhagen.

If so, please read allinformation stated below thoroughly!

For information regarding visa and letters of guarantee, you can reach us by phone:
+45 35 45 99 73, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 09.00 ad 12.00 o’clock.
Visa applicants must apply in person after booking an appointment. You will need to bring your application form, passport and further required documents according to our website.

Subsequent entry of spouses: language skills required before entering the country

Dokumentenunterzeichnung, (c)

Formal Obligation by Private Individuals (Letter of Guarantee, “Verpflichtungserklärung”)

By submitting a formal obligation, you agree to pay for all expenses in connection with the applicant's visit to Germany (§ 68 Section 1 Aufenthaltsgesetz - residence act).

Dokumentenunterzeichnung, (c)


Mit der Abgabe einer Verpflichtungserklärung verpflichten Sie sich, die Kosten für den Lebensunterhalt Ihres Besuchers zu übernehmen (§ 68 Abs. 1 Aufenthaltsgesetz).

Deutsch lernen

Merkblatt zum Nachweis einfacher Deutschkenntnisse beim Ehegattennachzug

Nach der grundlegenden Reform des Aufenthaltsgesetzes müssen ausländische Ehepartner, die nach Deutschland ziehen möchten, schon bei der Beantragung des Visums im Heimatland einfache Deutschkenntnisse nachweisen.


Nachweis einfacher Deutschkenntnisse beim Nachzug von Ehegatten aus dem Ausland

Informationen für nachziehende Ehegatten und ihre Ehepartner in Deutschland.


Terminbuchung/appointment booking

Wichtige Informationen zum Terminbuchungssystem der Botschaft Kopenhagen

Visumregler/Information regarding Visa


Antragsformular/Application form for a residence permit

Antragsformular Schengenvisum

Information on German residence permit

Informationen zum Visumverfahren für einen längerfristigen Aufenthalt in Deutschland

Information on German Working Holiday Visa

Opening a blocked account in Germany


Merkblatt - Eröffnung eines Sperrkontos in Deutschland


Foto - Mustertafel/Specifications for biometrical photographs