Kontaktpersoner i erhvervsservice

Der ligger et udvidet erhvervsbegreb til grund for opgaverne i ambassadens erhvervsafdeling, der ud over de traditionelle områder som økonomi, handel og finans også omfatter forskning og teknologi, en...


Green Economy als Wachstumsmotor

Gemeinsame Broschüre von BMU und BDI zeigt Erfolgsbeispiele aus deutschen Unternehmen.

Prüfen eines Motorblocks

Wissenschaft und Innovation: OECD Länderprofil Deutschland

Deutschlandverfügt über das größte Innovationssystem innerhalb der EU. Die deutsche Wirtschaft ist exportorientiert mit einer breiten Basis international wettbewerbsfähiger Unternehmen, insbesondere im Verarbeitenden Gewerbe....

Turbine Instandhaltung

”blå kort” - Tyskland får attraktivere indvandringsregler for udenlandske fagfolk

Forbundsdagen i Tyskland har besluttet at indføre det såkaldte ”blå kort”.

Make it in germany

The “Make it in Germany” website welcomes skilled professionals to Germany!

“Make it in Germany!” Take a look at our website to see how skilled professionals like yourself can come to live and work in Germany. German firms are facing a genuine skills shortage that is expected to continue into the future. The German Government has therefore set up this website to help business and industry find the specialists they need. Welcome to Germany!

Europaeische Union

EU's indre marked

Læs mere om EU's indre marked på Forbundsministeriet for Økonomi og Teknologis hjemmeside.

Nyheder fra Tyskland - en service med redaktionelt ansvar hos Deutsche Welle

19-04-2018 11:10

Economic experts raise growth forecast

Germany's leading economic institutes expect the economy in Europe's powerhouse to expand slightly more than previously forecast. At the same time, experts warned of some trailing off in the mid-term.

19-04-2018 00:07

Emmanuel Macron seeks to win over Angela Merkel on EU reforms

French President Emmanuel Macron is headed to Berlin on a trip aimed at bringing Chancellor Angela Merkel into his corner on EU reforms. But when it comes to European policy, the two leaders remain far apart.

18-04-2018 16:19

Amazon reef is huge ? and under threat from Total oil drilling

A reef at the mouth of the Amazon is almost six times larger than initial reports, scientists say ? meaning the recently discovered site is threatened by proposed oil drilling. Nadia Pontes reports from Brazil.

18-04-2018 16:16

Tax hikes for secondhand cars in Uganda

Secondhand vehicles are an affordable option for many potential car buyers. Uganda?s government, however, wants to stop old cars from entering the country, saying they?re not safe and pollute the environment.

18-04-2018 11:43

Porsche premises searched by prosecutors over diesel scandal

Investigators have raided offices and homes of former and current managers at German carmaker Porsche. Prosecutors said the searches were carried out on suspicion of diesel emissions fraud.

18-04-2018 11:11

Facebook rolls out new privacy policy under stricter EU rules

Facebook users in Europe will soon be asked to adjust their privacy settings as the company seeks to comply with a new EU law. Despite the giving users more control over their data, there's still a catch.

18-04-2018 10:06

Is the 'Saudi Arabia of water' wasting its most valuable resource?

Activists are concerned by the number of privatization projects the current government has got up and running, and fear water supply could also be targeted

The Guarani aquifer is the second-largest body of subterranean freshwater on the planet ? but drought, heightened usage and privatization rumors are underscoring the need to protect it.

18-04-2018 09:17

Norway, China spearhead the e-mobility drive

A fresh study by a German automotive research center has shown that Norway and China remain at the forefront of nations facilitating e-car market penetration. Germany is catching up only slowly.

18-04-2018 08:13

New leader in Cuba: What's in store after the Castros?

Analysts say little will change as Miguel Diaz-Canel is expected to take over the presidency in Cuba. The country's economy is in desperate need of reform and US-Cuba relations are on the rocks after a brief honeymoon.

17-04-2018 16:07

Czech Republic weighs nuclear options

The four cooling towers at the Temelin nuclear power plant

Prague has always been big on upping the Czech Republic?s nuclear power capacity, but less so on how to finance it. As Brussels looks on with dread, Moscow may be about to ferment more discord on the EU's eastern edges.

17-04-2018 14:16

Flipkart vs. Amazon ? the online retail battleground heating up in India

Five years after entering the Indian e-commerce industry, Amazon dominates the market alongside domestic retailer Flipkart. But that could change with the impending arrival of Walmart. Vasudevan Sridharan reports.


Industrieanlage nachts

Tyskland som udgangspunkt for handel og investering

Daxkurve an der Börse in Frankfurt am Main

Tyskland er med sine 82 millioner indbyggere den Europæiske Unions mest tætbefolkede land og dermed også EU's største marked. Med et bruttonationalprodukt på mere end 2,2 billioner euro er Tyskland Eu...

Fast forbindelse over Femern Bælt

Kort Danmark/Nordtyskland

Die Feste Fehmarnbeltquerung über die von Küste zu Küste ca. 20 km lange Meerenge soll aus einer zweigleisigen elektrifizierten Eisenbahnstrecke und einer vierstreifigen Straßenverbindung in einem Sen...

Energi og Klima

Solarkraftanlage und Bio-Energie

Energi- og klimaspørgsmål er tæt knyttede til hinanden, men rummer dog helt forskellige udfordringer: Det stigende forbrug af fossile energikilder forcerer klimaændringen – med graverende følger for mange af verdens regioner.

Forskning, teknologi og innovation

Deutscher Zukunftspreis Lichtmikroskop

I dag udgør forsknings- og udviklingsintensive industrielle områder mere end halvdelen af Tysklands industriproduktion.