Tyske Filmdage 2017 i Nuuk

Tysk filmfestival i Nuuk, Grønland, 27.-28.5.2017 forstør billede Tysk filmfestival i Nuuk, Grønland, 27.-28.5.2017 (© Katuaq Bio)

Mine damer og herrer,
kære biograf-Entusiaster,

På vejne af den tyske ambassade in Denmark glæder jeg mig meget at  kunne byde jer velkommen til den anden udgave af de Tyske Filmdage i Nuuk. When in the middle of the 19th century the Greenlandic language for the first time was recorded /registered also as a written language, by way of translating the bible into Greenlandic, it was the German-Danish missionary Samuel Kleinschmidt, who translated the New Testament into Greenlandic, and it was also Samuel Kleinschmidt, who had the first      book on Greenlandic grammar published in Berlin, in 1851. Samuel Kleinschmidt thus already over 150 years ago created at a very important cultural bridge between Germany and Greenland, on which for example Greenlandic words such “anorak” and “kajak” migrated into the German language. It is a cultural bridge, that 80 years later, in early 1933, would also enable one of the first filmic/cinematic cooperation’s between Germany and Greenland, when a German ethnologist and filmmaker, Friedrich Dalsheim worked together with the famous Greenlandic scientist Knud Rasmussen and made Rasmussen`s first and only screenplay, “The wedding of Palo”, or “Palos Brudefærd” into an award-winning movie.

And today, we actually see movies crossing that Greenlandic-German culture bridge again. Movies, that are recently also being, conceived and shot in Greenland, and in Greenlandic. One excellent “bridgecrosser” is for example Ivalo Frank, who was born in Greenland and now lives in Berlin and Copenhagen. A few years ago, Ivalo Frank and the Greenlandic actress Makka Kleist opened the eyes of the German audience to contemporary Greenlandic film (and also music and literature!), by bringing the international film festival  “Greenlandic Eyes” to Berlin, which was a great success. Germany thus had the great opportunity to learn about the impressive work of Greenlandic film makers such as Malik Kleist, Inuk Silis Høegh and Angajo Lennert-Sandgreen, just to name a few. This festival helped breaking with old clichés or images and brought the young, vibrant and growing Greenlandic film world out of Greenland and into the minds and hearts of audiences in Germany and other countries. It showed, that film festivals help breaking with common stereotypes and clichés, and enables the viewers to take a glance into present, modern day Greenland, with all its beauty and challenges.

And this is what we, coming from the other side of the bridge, also want to show you, the Greenlandic audience, with this second edition of the German Film Days in Nuuk, after the success of the first German Film Festival here at Katuaq in 2014. A glimpse into current German cinema, and thus into present-day German culture, society, discussions and phenomenons.

We hope you will enjoy this new set of most recent, interesting and thought provoking films from Germany and that and to a continued conversation and exchange between Greenland and Germany continues, also beyond film.

In that context I am very happy that Germany`s new honorary consul in Greenland, Ole Ziemer, is here with us tonight, who is – if you will- Germany`s more permanent bridge to Greenland and who also helped organizing the film festival. Thank you for your help and for being here with us this afternoon.

And while I am thanking you, I equally would like to thank Katuaq Culture centre, and especially you Julia Pars and Bill Bering for enabling this second edition of the the German Film Days in Nuuk and for the very good and pleasant cooperation and support.

Last but not least, I would also like mention and thank the Goethe Insitut Dänemark who enabled this Film Festival by giving us permission to show all the films that we have selected for you.

Jeg vil om lidt give ordet videre til Steen Bille, tidligere filmkonsulent på Det Danske Filminstitut, og nuværende konsulent for Filmförderung Hamburg-Schleswig Holstein, og også forfatter af romaner og filmmanuskripter. Steen vil fortælle lidt om tysk film generelt og om den film Phoenix som i skal se om lidt, og efter Phoenix fortæller ham om de andre film som vi har taget med of som bliver vist i dag og i morgen. Når Steen er færdig efter filmen, vil jeg gerne meget hjerteligt indbyde

jer alle sammen til en reception med lidt vådt og tørt.

Tak og god fornøjelse!